Products & Services


Worldwide is a leading reinsurance intermediary specializing in Life, Health, Accident and other reinsurance lines. Worldwide provides a creative approach to analyzing risk sharing, product development, placement, negotiation and consulting services.

Our company has been helping insurance companies, employers and associations; meet their goals through and with the help of our expert staff. This, has made Worldwide a leader
in the US and in the International market..

The following are a few of the products available through Worldwide:
  • Health Reinsurance
  • Life Reinsurance
  • Cancer Products
  • Excess of Loss Reinsurance
  • Employer Stop Loss
  • HMO Reinsurance
  • Organ Transplant Carve Out
  • Neonatal Carve Out
  • Catastrophic Reinsurance
  • Political Risk
  • LTD Reinsurance
  • LTC Programs
  • Travel Accident Policies
  • AD&D Reinsurance
  • Property & Casualty Products
  • Other Specialty Risk

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