The portion of an insured loss to be borne by the insured before he is entitled to recovery from the insurer.

Deductible Clause

A contract provision that sets forth the deductible.

Degree of Risk

The amount of uncertainty that exists in a given situation. For instance, if you've chosen heads in the flip of a coin, the degree of risk present is 50%, since there is a 50% chance any flip of the coin will come up tails.


An individual who depends on another for support and maintenance.

Deposit (or Provisional) Premium

The premium paid at the inception of a contract which provides for future premium adjustments. It is based on an estimate of what the final premium will be.


A condition that curtails to some degree a person's ability to carry on his normal pursuits. A disability may be partial or total, and temporary or permanent.


Refusal of an insurer to provide comparable insurance or use comparable rates for certain individuals or groups with basic characteristics the same as those to whom the coverage or rates are offered. Unfair discrimination is prohibited by law.


The return of part of the premium paid for a policy issued on a participating basis by either a mutual or a stock insurer. A portion of the surplus paid to the stockholders of a corporation.