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Traveling is always full of unexpected surprises. Smart travelers know that the best way to prepare for the unexpected is to rely on Worldwide Travel Assistance. WTA offers their customers peace of mind when traveling. With a local presence in 200 countries and 33 assistance centers open around the clock, help is available to you anytime, anywhere, but with the Worldwide Travel Assistance Program, you can rely on our staff of multilingual assistance professionals to help you with any medical, legal, or financial difficulties that may interfere with your trip.

Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Medical evacuation and/or repatriation
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Medical case management and review
  • Bedside visit of a family member
  • Return of dependent children
  • Return of traveling companion
  • Pet return
  • Car return (domestic only)
  • Prescription replacement or refill assistance
  • Eyeglass replacement assistance
Pre-trip Assistance
  • Full service, in-house travel agency available to help with travel needs for business or leisure, including airfare, hotel, car rental, and conference room reservation.
  • Cultural information, with details on business etiquette and local customs
Financial, Legal and Communication assistance
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Lost document assistance
  • Bail-bond posting
  • Referral to attorneys
  • Emergency message relays
  • Emergency translation/interpretation assistance by phone

For more information please contact us

Please contact us for more information.