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Worldwide realizes the current level of global uncertainty, together with the ever increasing activities of terrorist and criminal organizations, often expose families and corporations to their worst nightmare: the demand for money in exchange for the life of a relative or employee.

The K&R policy protects personal and corporate assets against financial loss arising from the payment of a ransom. The payment of large ransoms for the release of loved ones or business associates can cause both families and corporations to suffer serious financial difficulties without this protection.

Below is a brief description of what the policy includes:
  • Ransom, Detention and Hijack payment up to the insured amount.
  • Product Extortion (for Corporate policies only).
  • Fees and expenses of an independent negotiator.
  • Legal Cost
  • Reward to an informant
  • Interest on authorized loans to meet a ransom.
  • Fees and expenses of independent forensic analysis
  • Personal and Financial Loss, where given
  • Reasonable cost of cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Cost of medical or psychiatric care
  • Fees and expenses of public relations consultants and interpreters

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