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ID Theft is the highest growing white-collar crime in America. It can ruin great credit histories that took years to accomplish. Correcting this is a time-consuming, frustrating, and many times emotionally damaging process. Victims spend an average of 175 hours to fix problems stemming from an identity theft. They often have difficulty securing loans, renting apartments, and even seeking employment.

Worldwide ID Theft Assist untangles the red tape for the victim by completing the tasks a victim otherwise would have to assume.

Below is a partial outline of the plans highlights.
  • Review credit history with victim and identify fraudulent accounts.
  • Provide participant with a uniform ID Theft Affidavit, answer any questions with regards to completing the affidavit and submit the affidavit to the proper authorities, credit bureaus, and creditors.
  • Obtain list of creditors to be contacted and contact them with separate itemized fraudulent account statements for each fraudulent occurrence.
  • Notify all three major credit-reporting agencies of the ID theft.
  • Assist participant in placing a Fraud Alert on his or her credit report.
  • Educate the participant on how Identity Theft occurs and inform him or her of protective measures to take to avoid further occurrences.
  • Translate whenever necessary such as when caller is overseas and needs help communicating with the local police in order to file a report.
  • Provide emergency cash advance when theft occurs away from home.
  • Determine best legal action to take against creditors or how to work with credit bureaus if creditors are not cooperative in removing fraudulent entries from participants credit report.
  • Offer unlimited telephone access 24/7 to Master level consultants to help participant alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by Identity Theft.
  • Arrange access, when needed, to up to three in-person sessions with a professional in our national network of Behavioral Specialists to help participant deal with the emotional trauma of Identity Theft.

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